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LT-B2 tornado car washing gun


LT-B2 tornado car washing gun

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with the development of the black cleaning gun,it is now pissible to produce enormous power,evenwithe a very small compressor


the niwly developed rotational technology of the black cleaning gun saves toth time,money and stress for users


because our technicians have succeeded in reducing noise levels in spite of increasing the power


of course, for professionsl users,this also means that you can attedn to more customers in a shorter time


double the power,low wear and mainte nance


lower air consumption,suitable for 240compressors


activate with low air pressure0.4mpa-0.5mpa efficient,enviromental and energy-saving


cleaning car dashboard,automobile console,air conditioner export,DVD GPS navigation.


electronic control buttons,dry blowing the slot,coeaning car label and so on


the car owner get a great feeling and visual and raise the level of your shop


High quality super Washing gun /Cleaning gun

We are uesd to call it black tornado.Now we can use a very small air pump.Here is the best part,before he showing his face, we always need a 270l/min air pump , but now, all we need is only 50l/min, and the effcts would never ever  discount. It's very adequate for moving work.This makes us service our client very effciently in sport.So, this type can save us time,money, and we don't  feel tired when we use it. We are succeeded in reducing noise in spite of increasing the power. That means you can service more clients in shorter time for a technical manipulator.

They won't dissappoint you !


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 LT-B2 tornado car washing gun

LT-B2 tornado car washing gun

LT-B2 tornado car washing gun

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